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Our Services

We offer these services in Alphabet Translation Office:

To translate officially all documents of legal entities such as companies and institutes and departments, like Article of

Association, Memorandum of Association, mercantile and marine transportation documents, Official Gazette, in between

contracts, commercial, legal and mercantile contracts for companies and institutes and departments, financial balance sheets

tax documents and etc

About Us

About Official Translation of Documents

Consider enough time for translating and certifying your documents (7 working days for English language and 8

working days for non-English languages) to avoid emergency costs and to raise the accuracy of translation of

your document

Note: To obtain some certificates like penal records require 2 to 3 weeks. Consider this time in your time schedule

Conditions of ...


To attain conditions of certifying official translation of different document, consider below conditions:

Academic papers related to the Ministry of Higher Education, should be certified and sealed overleaf by Graduate Affairs Department

Academic papers related to Islamic Azad University, should be certified and sealed overleaf by Graduate Affairs Department of Azad University